Elect Kevin Doherty Mayor of the Village of Albion, Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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The elected officials of our Village have and have had good hearts and great intentions, but their results have been limited. In this year when there is no incumbent mayor, I offer 40 years of experience highlighted by the construction of the Hoag Library, to lead the Village of Albion into a future built on thoughtful progress working with all the people, in the Village and at all levels of government.

We're missing the Point

We can whine about the unfair formula of the State's revenue sharing with Villages, or the percentage of sales tax revenue Orleans County shares. The new super competitive model for State granting hurts small operators like the Village of Albion. But the bottom line is that we can only pull ourselves out from the cost/ revenue spiral when people WANT to come to Albion and invest; in homes, in businesses and in our people

What this Village Needs to Do

Anyone who visits the Village MUST be impressed with our outstanding customer service and willingness to support efforts to improve the tax base. Any Village employee or elected official who leaves a less than positive impression, on a vendor, a constituent, another municipal employee or visitor will have to be retrained.  Sales training across all industries teaches you that an individual who has made the attempt to contact you has already pre-qualified himself. Village leaders are obligated to  follow through and close the deal. Do what needs to be done without hiding behind regulation, policy and party politics! We need to be the WEGMAN'S OF SMALL VILLAGES, the place people WANT  to come to, to live and to plant a business

Our Peers are kicking our behinds

Medina, Holley, Fairport, Mount Morris... they and many other New York State Villages are working diligently with the County and Regional Economic and Industrial Development Agencies and real estate professionals to market their communities. We are 30 miles from the Rochester Tech Zone, even closer to the coming Alabama Technology Park in Genesee County. Are we ready to build houses and welcome some of their projected thousands of employees?

Other Local Goverments Are Not Our Enemies

The Village of Albion should be collaborating, not fighting, with the Towns and the County. The School District is a significant employer and a major player in this community, but communication has been dueling press releases. These are not strategies to move forward


Sign up for the email list on the Spark The Action Party line. We'll do the Hub and Pennysaver ads, but the key to beating the party candidates will be personal connections. We are planning a meeting later this month (details to follow) so anyone can question me and be comfortable sharing the message with friends and neighbors. Please sign up for the email list. You may also call 585-813-5438 and speak with me or leave a message


Sign up for electronic updates. Your email will not be shared outside our campaign